At a glance

HELVETAS is an international network of independent affiliate member organizations working in the
field of development cooperation and emergency response.
As a network, we promote the fundamental rights of individuals and groups and strengthen governments and other duty bearers in their service provision. The HELVETAS network builds on six decades of development experience. With 1400 staff members, it is active in more than 30 countries. The affiliated members share a common vision and mission and subscribe to common working principles and policies. The members implement joint development programs and adhere to a common strategy including defined working approaches and thematic areas of intervention.

Development work in four continents

The main focus of our work is on international projects. HELVETAS is committed to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people in rural parts of Africa, Asia, South and Central America and Eastern Europe. The projects focus on the specific areas of Water and Infrastructure (water and sanitation, water for food, bridges and roads), Rural Economy (food, organic farming and Fairtrade), Environment and Climate Change (soils, forests, water and energy), Skills Development and Education (basic literacy and vocational training) and Governance and Peace (human rights and culture).

Giving the South a voice

Successful development not only requires activities in the South but also change in the North.

In Switzerland, Helvetas has been drawing on its broad support base in the entire country for years and uses its information and awareness-raising work, along with its FairShop, to inform the Swiss public about people’s living conditions and concerns in developing countries, and to encourage them to act in support of development cooperation endeavors.

Similarly, Helvetas USA’s mission is to solicit funds for, make grants to support, and raise public awareness in the United States for the HELVETAS network.

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