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Water Mali

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WASH and Behavior Change, April 12, 2017

Six Key Lessons from an Evidence-based “Learning Expedition” in Haiti, Mali, Benin, and Mozambique.


Forestry Pakistan

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Water Use Efficiency in Action, October 20, 2016

Perspectives by Helvetas and Mars Food on the ”Water and Productivity Project” in Pakistan. 


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Learning from mistakes in Hurricane Matthew response in Haiti

Devex, October 12, 2016

The hurricane, unlike the 2010 earthquake, left the capital Port-au-Prince relatively unscathed, with devastation focused in rural areas. The local government can now play a key role in coordinating the response and recovery effort, Swan Fauveaud, country director of HELVETAS Haiti, told Devex via email.


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How this NGO strives to
'make a difference in the lives of the poorest'

Christian Science Monitor, August 31, 2016

Portrait of HELVETAS’ Rupa Mukerji and how HELVETAS is transforming the lives of the poorest.


Organic Cotton Production and Trade Promotion, HELVETAS Kyrgyzstan

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WAPRO: Enhancing Water Productivity by Using a “Push-Pull-Policy” Approach

EcoInnovator Blog, August 8, 2016

HELVETAS is the consortium leader of a multi-sectoral group of actors that is rolling out an innovative approach through the Water and Productivity Project (WAPRO). The goal is to address inefficient irrigation practices in smallholder farming.


Nepal Water Woman

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Nepal Water and Sanitation Functionality Study: Understanding what worked and what did not, September 3, 2013

What happens after a water and sanitation program is concluded and the final evaluations have been filed away? HELVETAS wanted to find out. In Nepal, external consultants conducted a comprehensive Functionality Study in 2011. 


HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Guatemala, 2016.


Young Guatemalan women are breaking with traditional gender roles

In our Servime project, Helvetas trains local decision-makers in transparent and efficient approaches to problem-solving. This is key to the country’s future, for it also serves to build up people’s trust in the authorities and in politics in general.


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Winner of the People’s Choice Award: through Facebook Voting:<br>In this photo, a boy drinks water from a pot after playing with his friends. In some villages in Myanmar, traditional drinking water pots are found throughout the village for all to use, Myanmar

HELVETAS BLOG: Is there a business case for Disaster Risk Management?

NEWSLETTER: Making Water Services Last

NEWSLETTER: Making Markets work for youth

On May 23rd HELVETAS conducted ‘How Well You Know Your Rights‘ competition among Dushanbe youth at the Pedagogical University and concert hall ‘Vahdat’.

WATCH: Improving water governance in Benin (2016)

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