Learning and Innovation

Development depends on the behaviour of a wide range of actors who influence each other in a variety of ways. This influence leads to results which cannot be fully predicted or controlled. Under such circumstances, we need to effectively learn and innovate on an ongoing basis.

Through participatory approaches to learning and innovation we can bring local knowledge together with external knowledge, to result in a richer appreciation of the contexts in which we work and the ways in which we – together with our partners – can improve our work.

We do this by creating and supporting opportunities for collective reflection on existing knowledge and experience, by producing outputs to support further learning, and by taking innovative action based on this learning. In simple terms, we need to keep asking ourselves what is happening, why it is happening, and what we can do in future to improve the positive results of our activities, especially for our key stakeholders.

For more information on our methods and resources relating to innovation and learning, see the Knowledge and Learning Team section of our website.